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Liverpool Feds are a team formed 33 years ago from humble beginnings, that despite all odds, now find themselves competing with some of the biggest names in English Women’s football.


After promotion to the Third Tier of the women’s game in 2022, Feds now face the biggest battle of all… staying in the league.


We filmed with the team through the highs and lows of their rollercoaster 2022/23 season, giving you an unfiltered view on the women’s game away from the spotlight.


This is Feds.




I’m really proud to showcase Creative Players’ first ever self-funded and self-produced film 'FEDS'.


I'm passionate about the need for sponsorship and attention to filter down further in women's football, something that is still glaringly lacking. So I made this film to help shine a light on the reality of the women's game away from the spotlight of the Lionesses and the Super League.


It's fantastic that we are seeing money pour into the very top level, but just two divisions below the likes of Arsenal, Chelsea and Manchester United, there are clubs like Liverpool Feds run entirely by volunteers who are battling financially to keep going.


Access to pitches, equipment, basic medical care and even something as simple as having their kits washed, these are the very real challenges clubs in just the third tier of our national game face.


Feds are a remarkable club that find themselves competing with Premier League giants such as Wolves, Nottingham Forest, Burnley and now this season Newcastle United, who are becoming the first ever full time professional side at that level. Feds challenge is ever growing but I know they are ready to face it head on.


The reality is that beyond the top of the game, there are so many ways that brands can really impact change in women's football, so many wonderful stories they can support and help tell.


I hope this film can act as a conversation starter for people who feel as passionately about developing the women's game as I do.

Leigh Moore



Creative Players are a proud sponsor of Liverpool Feds and there are many ways for businesses of all sizes to support the club. Details of current club sponsorship packages can be downloaded here.

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